"John collaborates well with counsel to develop effective illustrations that communicate graphically counsel's trial story of the Plaintiff's injuries to the trier of fact."

– George A. McAllister P.C.

“Harvey Visuals has worked with our firm for nine years, recently doing a super job on a complex case. The mediator for which, a man of considerable experience, called the demonstrative materials ‘the best he'd ever seen’”.

– David A. Payne, Thomson Rogers

“For over a decade Harvey Visuals has been creating demonstrative evidence for our firm – materials that we’ve found essential in presenting the complexity of our client’s conditions and obtaining the best possible settlements.”

– Juan F. Carranza, Carranza Barristers & Solicitors

“Our office has used Harvey Visuals with success for several years. The visuals are extremely helpful when trying to demonstrate the nature of the injury. Anyone looking at John’s illustrations can understand why the injured party is still impaired by pain. John's work has always arrived on time and is easily confirmed by a doctor.”

– Allen J. Wynperle, Personal Injury Law


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